free 4 track line - DRAFT TO HITS

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  BRICK 4 - track line
TRACK LINE - Track definition
PART:  track assign
well, we have almost reached the end of the arrangement of the various parts and relative assignment.
Why did I do this job?
Simply because in addition to having the draft and the first structure of the song I already get the various lines to which I will then assign the sounds or create layers, walls of sounds. But everything is now ready.
I will also assign these parts to the piano sound to verify that everything is correct. Every movement of the clips I make happens via CTRL + SHIFT + D & D, so I'm sure everything stays aligned with the time position and I don't run the risk of inadvertently moving the clips.

Why do I always rename clips?

Now I do it for clarity, for you who watch the video but in any case I always do it when I am almost at the end of the project because after a long time it is difficult to remember all the steps, sounds and anything else done. Especially if years go by. How many times it happens to take up a project again but in the meantime things have evolved and changed and not always the reopening is achieved the same result as years before. Need it? For me yes.
REPLAY  - listen song
TRACK:  track assigned
I listen to everything again to verify that I have not made any gross mistakes knowing that there are still small adjustments to be made
Well I'll do this work on all the clips. Why do it? In no time we will have the clips for the future "pads", "solos", "bass", "stab", and so on. We will have already broken down what was the draft into its base bricks that will make up the song. It will also be easy to assign different sounds and create and try out new arrangement solutions.
CORRECTION - Last step
CLIP:  identify individual parts
GROOVECLIP: create loops

chord clips are generally the same or very similar. In this case they are identical so we can only create one clip and turn it into a "groove clip". Let's see how.
Click with the right mouse button on the clip we want to make a grooveclip and then select "bounce to clip" so we can identify the clip and its limits well.
Always right click on the clip and this time we select  "groove clip looping" from the options or by pressing CRTL + L
you can still make some changes even if not necessary. You can create groove clips in the bass, stab and chord parts. It is not essential but it gives a better idea that it is a repeated part, being a "grooveclip".

Key shortcup:  split = S,  cut the clip
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