free 11 drum kick - DRAFT TO HITS

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  BRICK 11 -  kick
DRUM - Piano roll
CLIP:  piano roll
MIDI:  create midi part
in this section we will see three possible ways to go to create the rhythm part. At this juncture I am only referring to the drum kick but the same goes for the other instruments
 of the drumset and more. I started by selecting 2 kick hits from my sound library and I'm going to amalgamate them following 3 operational paths. Let's start with the most used: the piano roll

DRUM  - Step sequencer
CLIP:  step sequencer
GROOVECLIP: create loops
the step sequencer is a very used solution for creating rhythm parts and perhaps it is also the best solution. Well known especially by those who use FL studio, the insertion by "switching on" of the shots on a defined grid also allows you to have a clearer overview as well as greater flexibility and speed than the piano roll on midi data.
In this section we will see how to convert a midi clip into a step sequencer. In the snare drum we will see how to create a pattern with the step sequencer.
DRUM - Audio loop
CLIP:  audio loop
GROOVECLIP: create loops

With the kick audio files we're just going to do a copy and paste job, putting the hits where I want them to play. Once the part of interest is assembled, a groove clip is created which is much more comfortable to use and manage.
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