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Disclaimer / Conditions

Only the Italian version of the conditions, disclaimers and privacy to be considered the official one, those translated are only a reference. Everyone will take care to verify where there are unclear points in the official Italian version language  here

PrivateTrading is a computer science site applied to financial markets. The instruments made available free of charge and / or in another form and the analysis / research conducted on some instruments are not to be discarded as a solicitation to invest even if they are positive reports. Such analyzes and researches are obtained through the use of Technical Analysis and proprietary mathematical and non-commercial Indicators and Systems, statistical and comparative analysis and the experience of almost 20 years of trading activity.
The information and reports are provided simply as an example and help tool for possible choices and cannot in any way replace the free and informed judgment of the investor / speculator, who acts at his own risk and must therefore resort to appropriate financial advice in the event of doubt or where the required expertise is lacking.
It is recommended before undertaking any initiative using information derived from analysis and research reports or any other information retrieved through the website produced by PrivateTrading for the actual purchase or sale of shares, derivatives, currencies, btp or other financial instruments, of consult an investment professional you trust.
Please note that the financial markets are very speculative investment areas, especially derivatives and currencies, and only each of you can be able to assess the level of "risk appetite" most suited to your personality and economic availability.
PrivateTrading is aimed at advanced and experienced traders aware of the risks associated with the various instruments analyzed and able to manage these risks as well as being competent in the management of online trading platforms and the knowledge necessary for the understanding of a sometimes very technical language.
No verification is made to site visitors or registered users of reserved areas, on their degree of knowledge and / or preparation regarding speculation and investment on the Stock Exchange, technical analysis in general and specifically, trading platforms on line and their use, we decline all responsibility and refer to the awareness of the visitor / registered user the final decision of the use of what is exposed and on the site.
The entry to the site and to the information contained therein both free of charge and in another form involves the unconditional acceptance of the above and for all the following articles:

1.1 Declared according to the laws in force in the state of belonging to be of age.
1.2 You declare that you are in full possession of the mental faculties and the ability to understand and desire, not to have or have had any conditioning, constraint, plagiarism, promise and solicitation to public savings and therefore to be able to decide in full autonomy on the use of information / files taken from the site and / or sent by registration and request for updates by e-mail or any other form.

1.3 You declare to accept that PrivateTrading can present positive performances on its website, on its reports and in its e-mails deriving from the use of its own analysis and research technique and that this presentation does not constitute a guarantee and promise of future performances even where sometimes this hypothesis can be revealed more or less covertly and that it is not misleading advertising.

1.4 You declare that you accept that PrivateTrading cannot be held responsible for direct and / or indirect damages that may result from the use of all or even a small part of the content and / or reports located on the site and by e-mails sent or which may circulate on the internet and not, even if its reproduction and / or retransmission is forbidden.

1.5 You declare that you are aware that investments in the Stock Exchange do not guarantee any profitability and the risks associated with such transactions, that even the operations inferable from the signals provided, even though they may have also given recent positive performances in the past, do not guarantee and are not synonymous with future performances positive.

1.6 You declare that you have read the warnings for investing published on the Consob website (Italian supervisory body) at www.consob.it <http://www.consob.it> under "savers - investor education". reported advice and methods for the protection of savers.
2 ACCEPT that:
2.1 Each user must be considered the only and the only responsible for the risks of his investments and for the use he makes of the information obtained from PrivateTrading keeping in mind that no past performance can be guaranteed also for the future, raising in any case and from any responsibility in PrivateTrading.
The visitor / user acknowledges and accepts that the reports and what is reported on the site and in the e-mails sent derive from the application of technical analysis and indicators owned by Bruno Prelli, therefore not on the market. provided as a simple help tool and the conclusions derive from the free interpretation of data obtained from mathematical calculations or automated mathematical calculations. The calculation model, the data used and the information made available by PrivateTrading may be changed at any time without notice. All this does not replace the free and informed judgment of the visitor / user who acts at his own risk. In case of doubt and / or if it lacks the necessary knowledge and competence it must resort to appropriate financial advice. The services offered free of charge and / or in another form are not financial advice or solicitation or instigation to the public savings.

2.2 The information made available by PrivateTrading through its website free of charge and / or in another form is not customized for each individual user and therefore is provided regardless of specific investment objectives, financial conditions or particular needs of visitors / users.
Under no circumstances may PrivateTrading make this website and its information available, therefore, may be considered as a consultant or financial intermediary, nor may the activity of PrivateTrading be understood as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell financial instruments. Every operation performed by interpreting the information available on the site, in the reports and / or sent by e-mail / sms or chat are carried out in any case at your own risk.

2.3 PrivateTrading declines all responsibility for any defects in the technical analysis comments as well as for the impossibility of accessing the site due to malfunctions of the Internet, of the site management servers, for failed or delayed transmission / receipt of e-mails and for reasons of force majeure not expressly mentioned that in any case can prevent, suspend or limit the regular functioning including illnesses, impediments and other not expressly mentioned.
2.4. Private-trading, despite the extreme care taken in screening the data and information contained both in the reports and e-mails, cannot be carried out. subsequent updating and / or delay in updating in any form is sent and / or made available. The information provided may not be considered an investment service in the United States. Consequently, in such cases, the information must be considered as not given. We will take care of you if you need to register.
2.5 PrivateTradig disclaims any responsibility for the reliability, quality and accuracy of information and data, distributed via the Internet, contained on the site, downloaded as files, sent as an e-mail or as an SMS within the framework of what is offered on the site, or otherwise put to disposition. The user is ultimately considered to be the only person responsible. If he finds any anomalies and / or inconsistencies he must refrain from using what is reported.

2.6 PrivateTrading reserves the right, without assuming the obligation, to improve, modify or correct errors or omissions within the site or where it deems appropriate to all that is free and / or in other form at any time and without obligation of warning. The site is edited without guarantee of continuity and periodicity by PrivateTrading.

2.7 The services and contents are provided by PrivateTrading in the form in which they appear and by way of information only.PrivateTrading explicitly excludes any guarantee, implicit or express, in relation to the information contained on the site. In no event will PrivateTrading be liable for damages, direct or indirect, that may result from the use of what is offered or the contents of the site.

2.8 PrivateTrading may at any time and without prior notice modify or suspend any service available on the site, both at a general level and at the level of individual users, without having to motivate the suspension or provide for a prior notification of the suspension, however, in line with those that can be the current contacts.

2.9 Everything on the PrivateTrading website is owned by Bruno Prelli and is covered by copyright. All rights are reserved. Any information, file, image or other material not expressly mentioned may be used only for the personal use of each individual user.
It is not in any way permitted: to sell, modify, retransmit, copy, redistribute, even partially publish what is produced by PrivateTrading unless with explicit written consent of Bruno Prelli.
Where explicitly and admittedly it is mandatory to mention the source of origin: PrivateTrading by Bruno Prelli.

2.10 The visitor / user is allowed, subject to full acceptance of the disclaimer / conditions, the possibility to save, print, register and use what has been made available on the site or with the services solely and exclusively for personal use. to third parties. It is also absolutely forbidden to use what has been made available free of charge and / or in any other form, both via the site and via e-mail, within the framework of commercial activities and above all to sectors belonging to the banking and financial categories, legal and information. The use of data and information, made available by PrivateTrading with any means, as a support to operational choices of personal investments / speculations are at the sole risk and peril of the visitor / user who declares to assume all the responsibility for possible economic and other damages that could derive from it.
The visitor / user declares to have fully read the disclaimer, to acknowledge and accept that what is offered cannot in any way be interpreted as an invitation, recommendation, solicitation or instigation to purchase or sell financial instruments. Furthermore, performances and accuracy of data. It does not constitute a consulting service or solicitation of public savings.
The potential visitor / client who does not fully accept the above is invited to leave the site and not make registration requests for the content offered. It is absolutely forbidden to download files and / or withdraw information and operational levels from the reports contained in the site.
You will automatically read, accept and fully confirm the disclaimer / conditions when you request registration, withdrawal and / or use of even a small part of what is contained on the site or in the reports or emails.

Information note on privacy protection:
In order to take advantage of what PrivateTrading offers, you need to acquire some of your personal data.
Pursuant to Article 10 of the Law of 31 December 1996 No. 675 laying down provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, we inform you of the purposes and methods of processing of your personal data and your rights. In accordance with the provisions of law 675, the processing will be based on principles of correctness and transparency. Personal data will be processed electronically and / or on paper with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with current laws and regulations. They are requested and used only to carry out voluntarily signed functions and for the related fulfillments and / or for the fulfillment of all practices where their use is contemplated, with your consent.
No sensitive data (health status, religion, political opinions etc.) are requested or processed.
All the IT security measures recommended by the law are taken to guarantee the confidentiality of your data in order to reduce, as far as possible, the danger of unauthorized access, theft or tampering. It is important to specify that it is impossible to surf the internet without being "watched".
The transmission of your personal data is therefore always under your responsibility.
The owner of the processing of your personal data is Bruno Prelli.
The user acknowledges and accepts that Bruno Prelli's PrivateTrading will be able to intervene on the aforementioned information where it is necessary to adapt to legal requirements, adjustments to legal or similar measures, assert their rights pursuant to the above, defend themselves against disputes by third parties or protection from third parties.
At your request, your personal data will be deleted from the archive and access to the site and especially to the areas where registration is requested will be suspended.
To cancel your data, send an e-mail to info@music64.net with the word "removal of personal data" and your name and surname. All subscribed accesses will be disabled from the time of the request.
You have the right to know, at any time, what your data is and how it is used and you can also exercise your rights provided by Article 13 of Law 675/96.

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