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VOLUME - set volume correctly
AUDIO:  setting output
the whole project was recorded live and the audio volume could be very loud. For safety, adjust the output volume of your audio system or headphones using the video file here at the right.
 The volume should be adjusted so that the drum part is heard as low as possible, barely audible.

The project was created almost entirely using recent and older Cakewalk products, but especially in the mastering part and for the effects, several external plugins were used.

By accessing the site in the full optional version, the entire project is made available. For those who do not have the plugins used to replicate the project, the various processed audio tracks are made available. All midi clips are also available.

This is NOT an automated site but everything is created manually, if you wish and if you like to follow the whole project there are over 50 step by step bricks of everything that has been done. In order to access the project you will be created a reserved area after the payment of 7 € / 8 $ usd to paypal privatetrading@alice.it and before making any payment please contact me at info@music64.net for instructions. Within a few hours you will have your area activated.

free release 24 december 2020

full access from 10 january 2021

for more info contact me at info@music64.net

Thanks in advance to those who want to support me in this project.
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